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Our students have worked on some fantastic ideas over the course of this program.

If you’d like to help bring their idea to life or if you’re interested in offering a possible

internship, please contact Philomena Boateng (pboateng@hbany.org or 212-665-7010).


Top Disrupter for Overall Performance:

Alexis Tehuitzil

Fast Check

Alexis’ background in the food industry inspired him to solve some of the common headaches of ordering in restaurants. With Fastcheck you can  pay from your phone, split the bill, request assistance from the server and more!

It’s a smarter, faster way to dine out.



More Student Projects:

I’adorher Robins


Assist10 is a job site for young professionals. With perks like networking events and meetups and an assistant to keep the job search process organized, this site targets the entry-level job seeker, looking for their big break.


Luis Gomez


For some people, understanding the airline industry, and all of their fees, can be a daunting task. Luis’ app, Take/Off,  educates and proactively informs it users about the hidden ins and outs of the flying.

Michael Cooper

Crate Berry

Michael loves sound engineering, so naturally his business appeals to music lovers like him. His business aggregates and samples music, providing an easily accessible directory of sounds.  Users can also upload samples and search the site for a full download.



Miguel Grullon

Jaeger Vault

The gaming industry is growing and Miguel’s business hopes to dip into that. With Jaeger Vault, users can search and stream their favorite content.


Mouminatou Barry

90s Crazy

Inspired by her love of the 90s, Mouminatou’s app mixes fun with function. 90s Crazy uses your favorites TV shows to test and strengthen your memory.


Nadja Linen

Anime cliff notes

With Anime Cliff Notes, users can stay up to date on their favorite shows. More than than a website, Anime Cliff Notes is a community where casual and avid fans can connect.



Nya Thompson

Remote Grad

As a student, Nya saw the need to make paying jobs and internships more accessible to students. A virtual job site for college students, with Remote Grad, students can build their resume while also juggling their schoolwork — on their own schedule.


Sheriff Ahmed

Sound Elephant

For musicians, securing equipment can be a costly and time-consuming task. With Sound Elephant, Sheriff wants to make the process seamless and affordable, especially for aspiring musicians.

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