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Our students have worked on some fantastic ideas over the course of this program.

If you’d like to help bring their idea to life or if you’re interested in offering a possible

internship, please contact Philomena Boateng (pboateng@hbany.org or 212-665-7010).


Top Disrupter for Overall Performance:

Clifton J. Alexander

Finesse – Empowering Individuals through Financial Literacy

Clifton’s personal motivations stem from wanting to expand financial literacy within low income communities of color. His ultimate goal is to use his passion for technology to help provide an avenue for people to gain financial knowledge and opportunities.


More Student Projects:

Camera Ford

Globetrot – Travel Safer, Cheaper, Smarter.

Camera’s desire is to use her education to benefit communities who do not have adequate access to information.  As a woman from Harlem, she realized navigating faraway places should be as easy as it felt to navigate her native New York City. Globetrot is a community that gives travelers peace of mind about their travel destinations — safety alerts, tips & numbers, info on using local transportation systems, general costs for the area, and local laws and customs.


Cassandra Pierre-Louis

ColourWay – Embrace Your Inner Nomad

As an avid traveler, Cassandra has always had concerns about traveling as a woman, but more specifically as a black woman.  Simply put, ColourWay is a way to share your travel experiences with people just like you, or nothing like you. ColourWay lets you tell us who you are, and who you identify as. It tailors your suggestions, and ultimately your travel experience, with those things in mind.


Daryl J. Holman

FreeSpot – Find Free Resources. Reduce Waste.

Daryl has a passion for helping small businesses and a love for technology. FreeSpot is a mobile application that connects people who are food insecure to locations with food that would otherwise be wasted. Ultimately, he hopes to grow FreeSpot into a platform beyond food insecurity. By creating a platform intended to share unused resources of all kinds, he hopes to cut down the amount of people living in need, as well as the amount of waste in the US.


George Williams

GameUp – Connecting Gamers with Developers

Surrounded by other teen-aged gamers, George leverages his knowledge and opportunities to help create change in the gaming industry. By creating a platform to give users the ability to communicate the changes they would like to see on the games they love, he hopes to both improve games and expand each gaming franchise’s client base.


Malik Moore

Seven Poems – Inspiring & Connecting Poetry Lovers

Malik wishes to connect those interested in different areas of art. At the intersection of technology and media, Seven Poems invites everyone to experience full range of emotions, thoughts and behaviors inspired by good poetry.


Makonnen Jackman


Makonnen’s vision in technology is to create a public works app that compiles information about everyday activities and makes it easier for people in the community to access them. He aims to continue combining his interest and knowledge in economics with his passion for his roots in order to ultimately provide opportunities for people of color.


Quanzel Halls

King of Courts – Connecting NYC Ball Players

Through his passion for basketball, Quanzel instills the importance of teamwork, discipline, competition, leadership and work ethic in his youth development work. This inspired him to create King of Courts, an interactive, fun, and competitive way for players to meet up and challenge each other to games anywhere within the five boroughs.


Rahmel Jackson

Fashion Police

Rahmel is a writer and emerging entrepreneur with a strong interest in data analysis, and digital marketing. Fashion Police seeks to get people to question the ethical and environmental dimensions of the fashion industry, while promoting sustainable fashion products and fashion business.


Tyerra Dickerson-Porter

Pointe – Leave Them Speechless

Tyrerra’s need for individualism and creativity prompted her to pursue entrepreneurial ventures. She intends to create business opportunities and policies that not only create a productive work environment, but also encourages growth and the achievement of goals. Pointe will help you  confidently execute your next presentation, empowering you to make a bold statement like no other.


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