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The Disrupt Harlem Code Squad has completed its first 15 week cycle with a “Demo Day” on July 15, 2015.

During the course of the program participants learned the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; worked with the jQuery library; learned to navigate Asana, created basic Hello World websites, and then developed their own projects, using Axure to create wireframes. Employing these skills, the students worked individually and in teams to develop websites. The first step was creating a wireframe, the schematic or blueprint of a website. After completing the wireframes they coded websites and  presented them at the Demo Day. Take a look at some of the projects our students created!



Sholen Jump

Manga’s Next Big Leap

demo day nolen 1

Nolan’s site, Sholen Jump is a community platform that brings together artists and authors who share a love for Manga making. They can upload ideas and drafts and collaborate on Manga making. Manga is a Japanese term translated as “humorous or whimsical sketches”; and refers to “comics” or “cartoons”. It is reputed to date back as the 12th century.


Pick Your Kicks

Shoes Your Way

demo day mike 1

Michael’s project allows users to “have sneakers your way”. If you have an idea for a personalized sneaker you can connect with a manufacturer who will help produce that sneaker. The site will also serve as a community for sneaker customizers to display, promote, and sell their work.


Fashion to Fit

The Future of Fashion

demo day katia

Katia’s concept makes it easy to determine if a particular article of clothing will actually fit the prospective buyer. It gives the user the ability to take pictures of their own body, and then virtually try on her favorite designer’s clothing, before actually purchasing it. She has identified designers who are interested in the idea, and preliminary costs for turning the idea into an app, using a Smart Phone and 3D technology.



Get Your Fast Food, Faster

demo day ryan

Ryan admits to eating a lot of fast food, but he doesn’t want or have time to wait on line. He can, however, easily get from one place to another; his primary mode of transportation is his skateboard. As he puts it his “mobile platform helps fast foodies feast faster!” Offlyne gives you a real time view of the line in your favorite fast food restaurants, influencing your decision as to where to eat at a given time. He is starting to explore linking with other apps that may be collecting some of the information he is seeking.


Mo’ Meals & Chef NYC

World Class Meals on Wheels

demo day jacob moses

Moses and Jacob created a food truck concept, which utilizes technology in two major ways. Through a mobile app hungry users can locate the food truck on any given day, see the daily menu and then place their order so the meal is ready when they arrive. Chef NYC aims to bring great chefs from all over the country to New Yorks via the M0′ Meals food truck.  Menus will vary from day to day – with guest chefs preparing their specialties. Diners ordering at the truck will use a touch screen menu. Twitter feed will help followers keep track of Mo’ Meals.


Herban Solutions

Disrupting Urban Food Deserts

demo day jeris

Jeris is concerned about the inability of people who live in high health risk communities, such as Harlem, to easily access healthy food. His application will connect community members to the many urban gardeners in the community, giving them access to fresh healthy food at affordable prices. Delivery will be available to people who cannot connect directly with the local farmers. He will also post recipes on his website that use the seasonal produce available in the community. In addition to individuals, he hopes that Mo’s Meals, his fellow Code Squad members’ program, will be one of the early users of the service.



The Black Loop

demo day nyammeh

Nyammeh wants to let the New York City Black Professionals know what’s going on in the community that will be of particular interest to them – events, concerts, etc. She will utilize Tumblr and other Social Media platforms.



Transforming Homelessness

demo day akeem

Akeem created a website to illustrate his transformational idea for a state-of-the-art homeless shelter center that combines housing with workplace readiness classes, GED & college bound prep, mental wellness therapy and many other essential services.

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